Daemon Land

Easily build apps on the decentralized web

daemon.land takes the hardest parts of developing dweb apps - user auth, databases, key management, access control - and wraps them up into a single, lightning fast, and easy to use API.

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How does it work?

    Log in users

    import { Identity } from '@daemon-land/sdk'
    const user = Identity.login({ email: '[email protected]' })
    await user.authenticate()

    Create and manage their databases

    const db = await user.databases.create({ name: 'Calendar' })
    const collection = await db.collections.create({ name: 'Events' })
    const item = await collection.items.create({ description: 'Devcon', ... })

    Invite users to a database

    const db = await user.databases.get({ name: 'Calendar' )}
    const invitedBoolean = await db.invite({ email: '[email protected]' )}}

    Use databases made by other apps

    const acceptedBoolean = await user.databases.requestPermission({
        name: 'Contacts',
        scopes: ['*']

What's in the SDK?

  • User Accounts
  • Access Control
  • 0Auth
  • Key Management
  • Encryption
  • Peer-to-Peer Databases
  • Interoperable Apps
  • Dynamic Querying

What we're building

We’ve taken the key parts from some of the major decentralized technologies and made them speak the same language.

  • IPFS
  • Powergate
  • Ceramic
  • Textile
  • IDX
  • Filecoin

Alpha launching 2021